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Trucks and Extreme Weather

The A2Z Trucking Academy provides students with training to inspect and operate tractor-trailers, and to assume driver responsibilities on the road and at pickup/delivery points in any kind of weather. We want to make sure they are ready for extreme weather.

We place emphasis on vehicle inspections, defensive driving, range maneuvers, motor carrier safety regulations, trip planning, cargo handling, size/weight laws, general maintenance procedures, hours of service, and accident prevention.

We want all of our graduates safe out on the road and we want them prepared. Weather changes quickly here in North Carolina, let alone if you are traveling cross country.

Extreme Weather Winter or Summer

Truckers are often carrying as much as 80,000 pounds of weight. Driving in the rain can be a treacherous activity. In the time it takes to blink, a car can skid and crash into the water, killing all its passengers.

But it’s not just cars that need to worry about driving in bad weather, trucks are also much more susceptible to accidents in storms. One reason for this is that trucks often carry so much more weight than cars do. I’m sure you are aware of what can happen to a truck on snow and ice, but what about summer conditions like rainstorms, high winds, floods, and even tornadoes and hurricanes?

Drivers are often wrong about the effects of wind conditions on a truck. When driving, it’s essential to know what a wind tunnel is, so you’ll know how to drive accordingly. Wind tunnels can occur in open spaces, or in tunnels and on overpasses. So, stay alert, keep both hands on the wheel, and be prepared for the gust to try and push you out of your lane. This can also happen if you find yourself in a hurricane too.

Know The Weather

Knowing about impending extreme weather before you drive into it can be lifesaving. Luckily, there are plenty of trustworthy free or inexpensive weather apps out there for all types of cell phones. The Weather Channel, AccuWeather, My Radar, and Storm Shield are commonly used apps. Be sure to take advantage of one of them.

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