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Over-The-Road Truckers And The Summer Season

Summer’s here, and for most folks, that means vacations, pool days, and barbeques. But for Over-the-Road (OTR) truckers, it’s another season on the asphalt ribbon. Most truckers love their job, and there’s a certain beauty to seeing the country unfurl beneath a summer sky. But summer on the road does have its own set of challenges.

Heatstroke on Wheels

First up, the cab can become a furnace. Cranking the AC eats fuel, so you find yourself in a battle between comfort and keeping the boss happy. You open the windows just enough for a breeze when possible. Packing cool clothes is key, and let’s just say showers become even more important than usual.

The Great Road Trip…Rush Hour

Summer means more people on the roads. Family vacations clog up the highways, and everyone seems to be in a hurry. Patience becomes your best friend, especially when navigating those rest areas that overflow with RVs and trailers. Finding a decent parking spot can feel like winning the lottery.

Trucker’s Tan Lines of Glory

Unlike most summer tans, over-the-road truckers are courtesy of peering out the windshield for hours. One arm is a deep bronze, the other a pale reminder of where the sun shield never quite reaches. Hey, at least it’s a conversation starter at truck stops!

The Open Road Oasis

It’s not all negatives. Sunrises over endless stretches of highway are a sight to behold. Fireflies dancing along the roadside at dusk are a bonus. And who doesn’t love seeing the first peaches or watermelons of the season being trucked in? Truckers are the ones who deliver a taste of summer to everyone else’s tables.

Finding Summer on the Go

Sure, you may miss some of the backyard cookouts with family. But there’s a sense of community among truckers, especially in the summer. Truck stops become makeshift social hubs. Sharing a meal with fellow drivers under the shade of a big rig becomes its own kind of summer tradition.

So, if you see a semi barreling down the highway on a scorching summer day, cut us some slack. They are the ones keeping the summer vibes rolling, one delivery at a time. And hey, who knows? Maybe that trucker you see is blasting some summer tunes and secretly dreaming of a cold beer under a shady tree. Everyone has their ways of finding a summer oasis, even on the open road.

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